– Top 10 Sites for Educational Games




Many teachers consider using games as a way to engage their students, but how do you find the ones that are worth while?

This blog post with links to ten top education game sites was shared recently on #edchat-a twitter discussion with teachers from all over the country that takes place at various times each week.– Top 10 Sites for Educational Games. ┬áLet us know which sites are most promising, and where you find games to help encourage your students and reinforce skills!


New Grants and Resources Page

I came across a great website called We are Teachers which, in addition to offering resources, is a great clearinghouse for teacher grants, offers, and more. There seems to be many ongoing opportunities and rolling deadlines for applications, and many of the application procedures appear to be simple and not as time and energy intensive as some grant applications can be. This makes this site exciting, and something to consider putting on your weekly “check it out” list.

We’ve added a page to the website to allow us to put grant and award opportunities in one place, with links as appropriate, to make it more convenient to consider applying for a grant for your classroom.

We’d appreciate any help and websites you might know of that we can incorporate into this page, so we can share resources throughout the District. Please drop an email to Whitney at ldpodcast(at)gmail.com with any suggestions or ideas for this page or any other portion of this site, or simply leave a comment below! Any feedback is helpful.