10 Mistakes We Make with Trying to Change Behavior

I was browsing around, trying to find some great educator blogs to share for this site, when I came across this slideshare from Stanford University, posted on the Adventures in Educational Blogging site, and had to re-share it with you here.

One of the mistakes I think parents and teachers make is not understanding how behavioral change works, something you might not come across unless you’ve taken a developmental or behavioral psychology class. We all want to change some of our own behaviors, as well as those of the students.kids and even significant others in our lives-but long term change is difficult- just look at how many people drop out of Weight Watchers, for example. We want to do the right thing, we intend to, but somehow, we get lost on the path.

This slideshow brings the common motivational errors we all make to light. If you want to read more about how to help kids make long term positive change, I would highly recommend Rick LaVoie’s Great Book- The Motivation breakthrough- 6 ways to turn on the tuned out child. He also has a DVD program you can purchase here.

Take a look at the slideshow, and take a look at the videos below from Rick LaVoie, to help understand how to help kids become more motivated to learn in the classroom.