Smartboard Help- Links and Video Tutorials

On this page, we’ll aggregate videos and information about helping make that interactive whiteboard in your classroom more useful than just a projector.

Dual Page View- how to use it, in a language arts lesson

A great into video on a teacher learning how to use the SMARTboard and how to start thinking about taking lessons to the next level, and becoming comfortable with the new tech:

Smartboard Tips and Tricks- in a science lesson classroom

Smartboard tricks- Video includes:

  • Handwriting recognition
  • Change Font
  • Locking, moving, rotating Images
  • Magic pen, including how to use fading ink, highlighting, and magnify
  • Math tools including ruler, compass
  • Dual Page View, Pin a page
  • TRansparent background button
  • Using Gallery to keep your favorite material handy
  • Hide and reveal text/window shade
  • Imbedding sounds, videos, weblinks into lesson
  • Control Panel

Smartboard Improvements- Smartnotebook 10.6
New features and tools- includes multi-touch, using pen and hand at the same time; transparent background, measuring tools, shape drawing and line tools

Intro Smartboard Video

5 tips and tricks for Smartboard Use
all about using the Smartnotebook software

Cool Tricks with a Smartboard

A teacher tells about using the Smartboard in his Highschool English Class

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