Online Video resources for the Classroom

Quality Video for Science Topics

Annenberg Media-
Includes fantastic videos geared towards teachers and students at almost every level for a comprehensive selection of science topics.

Virtual Field Trip Resources, Online Video

David Bolinsky XVIVO Scientific animation:

David Bolinsky, a medical illustrator, works to create animations that allow students to see and appreciate things like how a viruses can hijack the nucleus of a cell and use it for its own purposes. [] See also: BioVisions at Harvard University []

TED Talks worth Watching:

•David McCandless The Beauty of Data Visualization [] Discusses how data visualization can help you make sense of numbers and data we come across in the news every day.

•Arthur Benjamin does “Mathemagic” [] Not only does he do amazing calculations, he shows people how he does it as well.

Bill Gates on Mosquitos, malaria and education [] Feb 2009.

Al Gore: 15 Ways to avert a climate crisis [] Jun 2006. A presentation that follows up the information presented in The Inconvenient Truth.

Jane Goodall on What Separates Us from the Apes [ all_on_what_separates_us_from_the_apes.html] Mar 2002.

Stuart Brown: Why Play is Vital no matter your age [] May 2008.

Dave Eggers TED Wish Once Upon a School [] Feb 2008.

Sir Ken Robinson discusses the importance of creativity in education in two excellent talks:

[”revolution.html] Feb 2010.
[] Feb. 2006.

For Fun:

Diet Coke and Mentos Experiment Videos along with information on the science behind them (Demonstrates experimentation and science in every day things):

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