iPad/iPod Apps for School

There are an ever-increasing number of iPad and iPod apps available for home and school that can make the lives of teachers and students easy.  Many are even free!  This page will contain a list of apps and the latest information we have, along with links to other websites that have lists of apps and reviews you can check out.


Currently being used:

iHomework:  Online Agenda book for students, where they can keep a calendar, list of assignments with alrams for due dates, teachers, emails, reminders, test dates and more.  easy to use, and keeps all information at hand.  Being used fairly well by student in the middle school. (Nothing can fix forgetting to write in down 🙂  )

Flipside HD:  a great flashcard app where kids can create study flashcards for any subject, and can also download other “stacks” made and shared online by teachers, other students, etc.  the cards can be automatically mixed up, and kids can mark which ones they know and which ones they don’t.  Great for vocabulary, math facts,  and more.

iMemento- a lite and full version- another good flashcard app , but does card more one at a time rather than a “spread” on Flipside.

AudioNote:  A note-taking app that will record the audio in the room while a student types notes in class.  This lets students take more outline notes and focus more in class, and play back the audio later to make sure they can fill in the notes or remember exactly what was said.  The audio is synced with the note, so they can go to just that moment and hear the information played back.  It works rather like a Livescribe pen, but in typing format. (Since most kids cannot write as fast as most teachers talk, this is especially good for students with fine motor or processing speed issues.)

Google- you can access google docs on an ipad, and also email completed work to teachers through gmail or other email that may be set up on the iPad.

Pages-  Apple’s word processing program

Keynote- Apple’s powerpoint equivalent application

Florida virtual School:  this FLVS has several iPad apps available, including one on algebra 1 that allows kids to both review and work on problems on a range of topics.  helpful as another way to review, and perhaps useful in remediation of skills as well.

Dropbox- a free account where files can be uploaded online and shared, printed, etc.  requires signing up for a free account with an email address.

iThoughtsHD- great mindmapping application, like kidspiration

Ideate- a sketchpad application- allowing kids to use fingers to draw, take notes, etc. They can alter the pen size, flexible for drawing and sketching ideas when needed.

Paperdesk- allows people to keep virtual notebooks on the iPad.  Pages can be emailed as a page or the entire notebook can be emailed and shared- perhaps a good way for students to keep better organized notebooks and making them easier for teachers to do paperless binder checks as well.  Compatible with Google docs.

Prezi-  a more interactive presentation tool many teachers are familiar with is also available on the iPad.

Unbound- a way to create virtual notebooks in association with a Google docs account.  You can create binder tabs and more, just like a digital three ring binder, and has a fairly good tutorial .

Word Joust: a currently free vocabulary/game app created to help students with SAT vocabulary, but now available for students at different levels.  Games reinforce remembering word, spelling and definition and test each skill separately, in a adventure interface that’s pretty clever and well done.  iPhone and iPod, although can be used on iPad as well.

Words with Friends- a great way to get kids to play scrabble with friends online- works with ipod, iphone, ipad and through Facebook.

TED Talks- some of the best lectures around are given at the annual TED conference (Al Gore’s original presentation of An Inconvenient truth started as a TED talk.)  These videos are simply amazing – check out James Watson talking about how he discovered DNA.  Other great talks that kids and adults might love include JJ Abrams talk on the Mystery Box- why leaving people guessing is a key to great storytelling; or Salman Khan talking about how he started making videos to help his nieces and nephews in school, and ended up creating a great way for kids to learn and find help online;  These are available online through the web or through an app.

Lab Timer- multiple timer app, good for lab experiments


Lesson Plan Ideas:

Apptivities:  this great website not only talks about apps, but how they could fit into a lesson plan.  Really well done.  Elementary through high school ideas, easy to navigate and search.

iPad Educators- a Ning site developed for teachers to share ideas, tips, links and more.  Teacher centered.

App Resource Websites:

iEAR.org:  The Educational Apps Review website is curated by teachers.  It’s best navigated by using the search box on the website to locate something specific, or looking through the categories located on their sidebar and exploring a bit.  They do a consistently great job in linking and curating the site, and even have two hashtags (#iEAR and #EDAPP) on twitter, you can follow for discussions on apps.

Apps for Kids with Special Needs: This website has a great list of apps for the ipad and more, geared towards students with special needs, as its name would indicate!

Hilton School: iPad Apps  The Hilton Schol District in upstate NY has been maintaining a great google doc spreadsheet of ipad apps and their cost, and divided into categories as well such as Apps for Students with Autism, Cognitive Delays, Disabilities (of any kind), Apps for Communication & Language,  Math and  Reading Apps for Elem. Students; Fine Motor , Writing, Spelling Apps for Elem. Students; Science/Social Studies Apps; Picture Books;  Apps for Reading Intervention ; Math Enrichment; Reading/Writing Enrichment; Music; ELL students  and even Apps for Teachers.  They also indicate which apps the school district has purchased, which can be an insight into what their teachers have found useful.

iPad, iPhone and iPod touch apps for special education students:  This is a scribd website with a great layout and information about how to use the apps with kids.  Many of the apps can be used by any student or adult, with out without special needs, and while many of the apps skew towards the elementary level, apps like Evernote can clearly be used by anyone at any level.

Apple’s Education App Favorites: Apple showcases a few of its favorite iPad apps.  They have a couple of these pages including this one.

50 free education iPod apps:  Nothing more than a list of apps to check out, but there are some gems included.

MacDonald Tech for Teachers: a Super wiki/website for teachers, chock full of useful links to websites on everything from google docs to iPad apps to digital citizenship.

Articles online:

Teach Hub: 20 amazing iPad apps for educators

ISTE’s iPad Apps in Education– good information, but not the best or most comprehensive list out there by far.

How do you find good educational apps?  Article on MindShift about how to find the good apps out there.

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