Google Chrome Apps for Education

Google Web apps- available in the Chrome Browser

If you are using the Google Chrome Browser (instead of Safari, Firefox or internet explorer) you can use Google Apps- small little programs, like iPad apps, within Chrome. Some of the apps are free and others have a fee attached. We’ll be placing a list of education-related apps as part of the Apps page, but to get you started, here are a few interesting Google Apps from the Chrome Webstore:

Science Apps

The Elementals- The Periodic table of Elements, where every element has its own personality. Fun.

Unit Converter– this may be especially useful when you are using it with the interactive white board.

Reading and Language Arts Apps

Kindle Cloud reader– lets you read any Kindle Book from your computer (or share it with your class on your interactive white board!)

GRE Touch An interesting app to build SAT vocabulary, take tests, etc. It will even help locate pictures and tweets using vocab words in a sentence, to provide some context clues for students.

Wordjoust- a fun vocab building game aimed at the Middle to highschool SAT prep crowd.

Wixie- online authoring tool for kids- help them create and illustrate their own stories.

Math Apps

Mathboard– Good elementary level math app, allows construction of quizzes, etc. May be terrific on the interactive white board.

Graph TK- interactive graphing utility- helpful for math classes at all levels

Carrotsticks: a 1st – 5th grade math game

Free Money– teach kids how to make change

Social Studies Apps

Ancient Civilizations Encyclopedia A peer-reviewed online encyclopedia with timelines, maps, definitions and more. very nice.

US Time Line– interactive US History app.

Arts, Music, Health and Specials

Tate Museum Slide Show- shows works of art from the famous Tate Gallery in London.

Music Notation Training– help kids learn to read sheet music

Portofolio Builder– a way to build and track stocks online- may be helpful when playing stocks and investing games/projects in business and economics classes.

Study and Assessment Apps

Zoho Challenge A way to create online tests and assessments.
StudyStack:a way to create flashcards, hangman, crosswords and more to help memorization.

Quizlet- another interactive flashcard app.

Misc. Useful Education Apps

Brainpop: An app connected with the Brainpop Website- a neat website with ed videos, content- pretty engaging overall. It has a great section for educators, to help you figure out how to integrate brainpop content into your lesson plans.

My Homework- an online homework tracker, planner, organization tool. Also available as an ipod, iphone, ipad and Android app.
Touch Typing practice
An app to help kids learn touch typing and reinforce skills.

20 things I learned about the Web-
a chrome app with basic internet stuff that will leave anyone a little smarter. Very friendly for learners at any level.

Dictionary InstantInstant, Online dictionary. Could be useful to show kids how to look up unfamiliar words easily with online text.

Khan Academy- a great app to help access the Khan Academy videos, practice exercises and assessments.
Udemy: a way to create online classes for free. May be helpful in providing tutoring sessions, advanced material, or even material for when there’s a sub or snow day for kids.

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