Google Tools and Resources

Google has tons of tools available, but it can take a little time to get used to them. Below are some links to help you get straight to the online tutorials to help you with each tool.

There’s a great post over at Teacher Hub on 100+ google tricks- you can see that by clicking here, and we’ll post some of those tricks here as well.

Google Docs:

If you click the title above, it will take you to a good overview of Google Docs. Two examples of how teachers are using google docs is available by clicking here. For more getting started and how to’s, start here.

Here’s a Common Craft video on Google Docs.

Here’s a Google Video on how to use the Google Form feature of Google Docs- (This is hugely fantastic and allows you to send out forms where the info is auto-dumped into a spreadsheet, making things super easy.) This video it s a little business-y but the info is good.

Using Google Docs, Gmail, and Calendar offline

One thing everyone wants to know is how you can use these tools even if you aren’t connected to the internet- here’s a great overview on how you can make sure these tools are easily available offline and online.



Google Calendar

Google Reader

Google Voice

Google Trends

Google Web apps- available in the Chrome Browser

If you are using the Google Chrome Browser (instead of Safari, Firefox or internet explorer) you can use Google Apps- small little programs, like iPad apps, within Chrome. Some of the apps are free and others have a fee attached. We’ll be placing a list of education-related apps as part of the Apps page, but to get you started, here are a few interesting Google Apps from the Chrome Webstore:

The Elementals- The Periodic tabel of Elements, where every element has its own personality. Fun.

Kindle Cloud reader– lets you read any Kindle Book from your computer (or share it with your class on your interactive white board!)

Graph TK- interactive graphing utility- helpful for math classes at all levels

Carrotsticks: a 1st – 5th grade math game

StudyStack: a way to create flashcards, hangman, crosswords and more to help memorization.

Quizlet- another interactive flashcard app.

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