Online Resources for the Classroom

Online Applications and Programs

Class Management, Scheduling

ClassMarker: Online website allowing teachers to create and mark quizzes, tests. Free and paid account options available. []

Edmodo [] Free, online course-management and social network with a Facebook-like interface.

EDU 2.0: [] another online class-management solution, similar to Moodle with a friendlier user-interface.

Moodle: [] Free, online course management system, often compared with Blackboard (paid schoolwide system).

Quia [] Online software that allows teachers to create web pages, online schedules, upload material, share student’s work, connect with other teachers and more. The most useful feature of Quia is the ability to do assessments, quizzes, and track student time spent on practice materials, including making online “games: tailored to your class and lesson plans. Free for 30 days,. Individual and group licenses are available.– a great website that allows teachers, students and parents to keep track of assignments, projects, due dates and more. The online component helps students double-check assignments and reduce the number of “I forgot what I had for homework” excuses. Teacher pages have an RSS feature, so parents and students can receive automatic updates whenever the page is changed or updated.


Edublogs:[] An easy to use site for creating teacher and student blogs. Free and paid versions are available.

KidBlogs- [] A free, student/teacher site that allows you to set up private (and semi-private) blogs for educational use.

TeacherTube, Youtube, SchoolTube: These video sharing sites have many educational resources, with TeacherTube and SchoolTube being the most consistently school-safe sites. The Common Craft Show’s social media educational videos are worth a look on YouTube,. Their whiteboard style tutorials are great basic educational videos available to help understand everything from Wikis to RSS feeds.

Multimedia Production

Glogster- Allows free, Simple creation of multimedia posters. Special subdomain for educators/education. []

GoAnimate: Simple and freeonline cartoon and animation creation site. []

Slideshare: Free online site to upload and share powerpoint/keynote or other slide presentations. []

StoryBird: Straightforward online story creation site that allows creation of online and printable picturebooks. Enables sharing and online publishing of books, and allows commenting from others. Includes video tutorial for guiding you through book creation, but process is very simple. []

ToonDoo: Free online way to easily create cartoons/comic books. Also has a ToonDoo spaces option to create comic-based social network for classrooms. []

Voicethread: Allows free creation of collaborative multimedia slide shows, and allows people to leave comments by voice, text, audio file or video. Content can be moderated, embedded, shared or exported as needed. []

Reading, Books and Libraries

Goodreads []

An online virtual bookshelf/library, similar to Library Thing, but with a more user-friendly interface. Allows you to enter and rate the books you are reading, create virtual bookshelves, and swap books with other members. Books can be entered by name, author, ISBN number, and by scanning the barcode. Allows you also to indicate what you are currently reading, and what’s on your nightstand.

Library Thing: [] A free, wiki-based site where you can add books to your personal library, tag them with searchable terms, and even place a location note, so you know where the book is located (Home, School, Basement box, etc.) Includes social networking features, where you can see other people’s review of books, recommendations and the like. Through the site (or elsewhere online) a USB “cuecat” barcode scanner (approx.$15) is available, that will let you simply scan your books bar codes to enter the information into the site, making the process of putting your personal or classroom library online a breeze.

Orton; [] Information on the Orton-Gillgham reading method, one of the well-known and well-tested programs for struggling readers.

Online Book Lists:

Association for Library Service to Children. Newberry Medal and Honor Books, 1922 – Present. [] January, 2011.

Association for Library Service to Children. Caldecott Medal and Honor Books, 1938-Present. [] January, 2011.

Study Skills, Other

Queeky Paint-[]
Free, online paint and art program

Cornell Notetaking System
The “Cornell System,”, developed at Cornell University, is a very useful system to help students take better notes in class and create more effective study materials in the process. Several schools for children with learning disabilities, including Commonwealth Academy, in Virginia, teach this method to their middle and high school students to help them take more effective notes.

The LD Podcast [] Produced by co-author, Whitney Hoffman. Various episodes and interviews with experts in learning, including Steven Graham, Rick Lavoie, Dr. Robert Brooks, Jenifer Fox, Dr. Russell Barkley and others. Free, online, browser based mindmapping.

Skitch- Free Screen Capture and Annotating Software []

Teach-nology []
An online k-12 resource for teachers includes many templates for rubrics, learning contracts, Functional behavior assessments, testing modification charts, personal education plans, lesson plans, conference forms, worksheets, puzzle makers, and more.

The Rubric Bank

Rubric Resources

The Math Project Journal and the Ultimate Math Lessons book for high school algebra , geometry and advanced algebra projects.

Education Game Resources (Grades k8) Online games for kids and a section dedicated for teachers, to help find a game for the class to play, as well as where the games align with standards. []

iCivics: a civics educational website created in partnership with Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. [] Games and simulations based on Nobelprize achievements, including blood typing game, Pavolv’s Dog, Immune System Game and more.

Education Place: Houghton Mifflin has several games available through its website including GeoNet, based on the six essential elements from the national Geography standards. []

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