Educational Resources for Teachers

This page contains resources and links geared towards teachers; other pages underneath will contain resources geared towards the classroom.

Information and Sharing for teachers:

Classroom 2.0: One of the most popular social networks for educators online, Classroom 2.0 has a wide membership including both k12 educators and those in higher education. Classroom 2.0 has forums and chats where you can post questions, online interviews, weekly presentations and more. It’s free to join and searchable, and has a friendly membership interested in helping you answer any questions and solve problems. []

Education Week [] Publisher of Education Week, Teacher, Digital Directions and other magazines for educators, runs a terrific website with free email newsletters keeping you up-to-date with the latest education news. There are several associated blogs, including “Coach G.’s Teaching Tips” that are helpful to educators at all levels.

Educon: Educon is an annual education conference, focusing on the use of technology in the classroom, which grew out of EduBloggerCon, an education bloggers conference. Held annually at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, it has featured national speakers including Gary Stager, Sylvia Martinez, Chris Lehmann, Will Richardson, Jeff Han and others. The recordings and wiki available from past educon conferences are a great resource for anyone interested in applying and integrating digital tools in the classroom. You can receive Act 48 credits for this conference as well- well worth the drive into center city. []

National Council of Teachers of English []
A great resource for all teachers, including Code of Best Practice in fair Use for Media Literacy Education, a definition if 21st Century Literacies, Framework for 21st century Curriculum and Assessments, Mulitimodal Literacies and more.
Along with the Consortium for Interdisciplinary Learning, NCTE has a position statement supporting interdisciplinary learning specifically in grades preK through 4 and other great resources for teachers.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Illuminations web page is a website devoted to providing ideas for math curriculum ideas including projects for grades k-12.

National Middle School Association []
A great resource for middle school teachers, with terrific research summaries on subjects ranging from heterogeneous grouping, flexible scheduling, professional development, bullying and more.

National Science Teachers Association resources for science teachers, including several fun podcasts, Lab Out Loud, NSTA Web Seminar podcasts, and Blick on Flicks turning “bad science” in movies into teachable science for middle and high school level students. [; http://learning]

PBS Teachers [] Classroom resources for teachers K – 12 and across core subject areas. Lesson plans and professional development available.

TeacherVision: [] Comprehensive teaching resource including lesson plans, printables and more.

Teach-nology []
An online k-12 resource for teachers including learning contracts, lesson plans, printable worksheets, rubrics, teaching tips, worksheet makers, and more.

Wrightslaw [] One of the best websites out there regarding special education and special education law. The site offers great resources and links to articles, case law, and even has a monthly email newsletter to help you keep up to date with changes in the law.

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