21st Century Pedagogy

These are a few compelling videos on the changes happening in how kids are learning, and how we need to change teaching to meet future needs.

21st Century Pedagogy

Sir Ken Robinson on Changing Educational Paradigms

This is an “RSA Animate”- it combines a great lecture with drawings to help it make sense- excellent video, and a good demonstration of the helpfulness of infographics.


The Difference Between Traditional Learners and Digital Learners

These short videos show some of the differences between traditional learners and digital learners.    While meant to be entertaining, the overall message is clear- sometimes, digital tools can help kids be better learners- it’s not always the answer, to be sure, but sometimes, the new way can be an improvement.

K- 12 Students Today

The KCSD Tech Learning Zone

There are so many new and exciting tech tools coming out all the time, it’s almost impossible to keep up for those who try to follow the industry, let alone teachers who have full time jobs helping kids in the classroom.

How do you know which tools might be worth your time, and which ones might not add anything to the classroom?  Which things are worth the time and investment, and which are not?


This blog is our experiment to try to create a resource for tech and web 2.0 tools, along with links, reviews, and ideas or information on how they are being used in the classroom, here and elsewhere.  We hope that by sharing this information, teachers will have an additional resource at hand as well as a place to come and ask questions, ask for a tutorial to help use the tools in the classroom, and generally get the support they need without adding another meeting to their schedules.

This is a work in progress, so we’re going to need your feedback, comments, unvarnished critique and more so we can make this work.    If there’s something you need or want to see, leave a comment or drop us an email.  Let us know how to be helpful, and we’ll try to keep you updated with some of the more interesting and useful things as they come down the pike!

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