It’s Digital Learning Day!

Edutopia is a really great site for teachers, administrators and even parents.  It always has fantastic articles about education, resources, and you can sign up for a free membership and participate in groups on just about any education topic. (Full disclosure: I moderate a group on personalized learning for Edutopia).

Today, February 1, is Digital Learning Day, and they have posted a variety of great information there, including a link to over 30 digital technology resources. 

There are links to How to teach with technology, including this page featuring ideas and lesson plans you can use.  For those worried about the digital divide, there’s even information available on that, to help make access issues less of a challenge.

Take the time to go over and check out Edutopia,  You’ll be glad you did.


How Oregon Educators are Integrating Google Tools

There is a great article in Education Week about how one Oregon School District dealt with the roll out of Google apps and parental concerns over privacy. It’s worth a read as we start the same process,if only to understand any concerns should they be raised here as well.

Click here to read the Education Week Article.