List of Web 2.0 and Downloadable Apps and links:

Education apps for iPhone, Nokia and Android  not the most beautiful site around, but interesting reviews of apps on many different mobile platforms.

Presentation Tools:

Prezi: a great interactive slide and presentation tool. Prezi also has an ipad app, allowing you to create and accesspresentations on the go. great site to put still pictures into a great animated presentation with music. Royalty music available on site. Limited free access.

Shape Collage:A downloadable free app for the Mac that allows you to take stills and shape them into an overall collage.

Glogster– Online Poster/Graphic Blog application. Special .EDU site; no longer fully free….

Video Creation Tools: allows a student to type a script and have animated characters act it out- used on a few Geico commercials.

Ustream A site that lets you “simulcast” an event online,. Great for special events, class presentations and the like, and allows sharing with folks like parents, family members, and even other schools to be “virtually present” at the event. an online animation creator- like making a cartoon. Simple and free.

Jaycut: rather like iMovie but online.

Video File Conversion

Handbrake Downloadable application that will allow you to convert DVD’s into .mp4s for Mac. Free video converter that will let you transform a video file into another format. Particularly useful for turning YouTube videos into mp4 or quicktime movies for use in environments where YouTube may otherwise be blocked for streaming.

Format Factory: Free video file transformation app for Windows. Great for taking format from macs and more and converting to windows-friendly formats.

Resource Management/Bibliographies An easy way to create bibliographies- helps students keep their research organized. An interesting website created by educators to engage students. A little busy, but definitely something worth checking out.

Good Reads- a way to keep track of your books and share books with others- a virtual bookshelf

Shelfari- very much a virtual bookshelf like Goodreads. Both sites allow you to use an easy scanner like “cuecat” to enter your books online; you can even specify where you have the books, helping you keep track of who you might lend books to, if they’re at home, school, in storage, or more.

Museum Box- sort of like glogster- a way to create a virtual discovery box, designed with social studies and history in mind.

Sidevibe: an interesting way to create interactive lessons online, especially good for interactive whiteboards. The video below gives you an idea of how it works. Free!

Pearltrees: a way to do url sharing and bookmarks, in a mindmap environment. You can see an example of a Pearltree created for the tools on this site by clicking here.

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