Apple’s New iPad in Education site

Apple has a new section of their website, dedicated to the iPad in education.

The site included downloadable e-books/manuals/guides for things like using the iOS (mobile operating system devices) in the k-12 classroom. This guide is comprehensive, covering apps, podcasts, iTunes U and more. It’s truly impressive and helpful and a great resource for any teacher.

This site also includes:

  • Guided tutorials for apps (videos)
  • Learning with the iPad (Educators speaking about how they are using it)
  • Apps in Education- a list of educational apps for use in the classroom (they also have a bulk app purchase program for districts considering “iPad carts” or other programs) and sections of the site for teacher-centered an, student centered and accessibility centered apps.  There are apps featured for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
There are also some great tutorials for teachers in managing classroom work flow, supporting writing in Pages, guides to creating student-led documentaries, curriculum and more .
Check out this video of how Science Leadership Academy (SLA) in Philadelphia is using Macs in a one to one environment.  SLA is also the host school for Educon in January, a fantastic education conference you really shouldn’t miss.
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