Polyvision Board Resources

There are a lot of new Polyvision boards in the district, and a request was made to include some videos and tutorials here. In addition to the information in this post, we’ll add another page including other videos and information specific to the Polyvision Boards as we find it. If you’re having any specific questions or concerns, let us know and we’ll try to find resources. Please share any great resources you find as well, and we’ll post them on the Polyvision Page.

Links to Polyvision Resources

Polyvision: site tutorials On the Polyvision site, there are many great resources. You can sign up for free 45 minute webinars, held almost every day, on various topics around the Polyvision board. There are great video tutorials, and even a few case studies, such as the one involving the Upper Darby School District,. The case studies provide less instructional information and more feedback/reviews on how the boards are assisting instruction.

Polyvision has also set up a teacher community on a Ning site called “Bringing Learning to Life”. It has ongoing discussions set up for teachers at every grade level and every subject area. For example, one teacher posted an idea for a Webquest for music involving the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

The most useful section may be the video tutorials for the Polyvision Board, which you can get to by clicking here.

The Polyvision communities seem pretty new, and not as active as communities in Classroom 2.0 or Edutopia.

Qwizdom, a Polyvision partner, does have some curriculum and resources available on its site, that you can access by clicking here. We haven’t tested this yet, so any exploration you do we’d love to hear your results/feedback.

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